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Trendise™ Fruit Baby Pacifier


We Took The Standard Pacifier and Evolved It Into Something Fantastic!

  • Perfect Tool for Teething 
  • Feed Your Baby Healthy Nutrients Without The Fear of Choking
  • Branded Quality -  100% Money Back Guarantee

Is your baby teething?

Get something that actually works. Our pacifier is made exactly for teething babies. By either freezing fruit, breast milk or water, the cold temperature numbs the gums and brings pain-relief to your little one.

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Our pacifier is the perfect blend of premium quality and unique style. When it comes to your own baby and it’s needs, it’s vital that you have the most essential items at your fingertips. Introducing the all in one pacifier - A Pacifier, Feeder and Teether for the price of one! 👩‍👧

Easy To Use

Insert a food of choice, close the lid, and give your baby healthy nutrients without the fear of choking. The Trendise™ Food Baby Pacifier gives your baby the ability to start experiencing with new tastes from a very low age. 

We promise a Premium, Durable and Reusable pacifier with extra protective silicone mesh. 

To Clean: Rinse or soak in warm soapy water immediately after use.


Did we say that its a MUST for teething?

By freezing fruit, water or breast-milk the cold temperature will numb the gums and remove the teething-pain. Don't put a price on reducing your baby's discomfort while teething.


The Trendise™ Food Baby Pacifier makes for a wonderful gift to parents and parents-to-be. Or any of your loved ones whose babies or kids are going through a teething phase.

With our pacifier, their little ones can also experience a hassle-free introduction to solid food!


Baby-Safe product. At Trendise the baby is our first priority - thats why we only offer high-quality products