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Trendise™ Silicone Garlic Peeler

Tired of wasting time peeling garlic? Or garlic peel getting under your fingernails? Oh and don't even get us started about garlicky fingers. Save time and energy with the new Comforly™ Silicone Garlic Peeler Tool! It's a quick and easy way to peel garlic.

✔️️ PEEL CLOVES IN SECONDS, without smashing. This garlic peeler tube can peel several cloves at a time.
✔️️ NO GARLIC ODOR on fingers or cutting boards
✔️️ NO MESS, just shake peels out of the tube in to the trash
✔️️ STURDY premium quality pthalate free silicone tube is dishwasher safe, cleans up quickly

The EasyPeel™ Silicone Garlic Peeler is both flexible and durable. This silicone peeler is tube shaped and has scalloped edges. To use, simply insert the garlic into the tube and place it on a flat, sturdy surface. Then, apply gentle pressure with your hands and roll the tube until you hear the skin come off.

Tired of garlic peel strips getting under your fingernails? Try this easy-to-use garlic peeler. Just place an unpeeled clove of garlic inside, roll the peeler back and forth on a countertop, and let the peel shuck itself off. The time-consuming task of stripping every shred of peel from each clove is a chore of the past. Cleanup is easy, too. Simply rinse under the tap or run through the dishwasher.  Order yours today to give it a try!

Dimensions: approx. 5.1" x 1.3"