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Trendise™ 2-in-1 Silicone Drain Plug


Don't like your drains to be clogged with hair? Or need a convenient drain plug that you can easily plug in? This Trendise™ 2-in-1 Drain Plug and Screen is what you need! It is easily installed and seals the drain perfectly. The drain screen makes sure that hair doesn't clog and makes removing hairs an easy task. Every household needs this tool!

Main Features:
  • Multiple application - Suitable for the kitchen sink, bathtub or bathroom sink. 
  • Multi-functional advantages - Works as a waste sieve by pressing the middle cap to prevent clogging. Works as a drain plug by pushing on the raised edges. 
  • Easy to clean - You can easily remove it by pulling or pushing the top cover. 
  • Make your life easier - Easy if you want to rinse vegetables or fruit in the sink without using an extra colander.
How it works
Press the center of the button and the edge folds up, lets water through and catches the large parts to prevent clogging. Press the edge and it closes the drain to fill your bathtub with water for example.