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Medicalli™ Car Lumbar Support Massager

Does your back ache after a long drive?

Our bodies are not designed for the unhealthy posture of a car seat. This can begin to cause complications with the sciatic nerve, coccyx and lower back if not addressed. 

Medical Car Lumbar Support Massager  Improve your driving posture and relieves back pain. With active airflow and an ergonomic design - every journey will be comfortable and safe. 

Good posture is one of the most important factors in living a long healthy life. The Medicalli™ makes it simple and effort free, and it can even used in the home or office too. Perfect posture everywhere you (sit) go 😄. 


  • Designed by orthopaedic surgeons to create the perfect posture at the wheel. 
  • Perfect Posture is just minutes away. Zero setup required, just strap up and get seated.
  • No-sweat and oder free Intelligent hollow mesh design. 
  • Acupressure points offer precision massages to improve blood circulation and cellular metabolism.

  • Sturdy, high quality construction will retain its shape even with heavy usage.
  • Relieves chronic back pain and discomfort within minutes.
  • Improves flexibility of your back. 


  • Size: 40CM*40CM 
    Color: Black
    Weight: 150g
    Material: Diving Mesh + Steel wire