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iPhone Necklace Case


The original hands-free phone necklace case!

Our phone case with strap keeps your smartphone safe and always in reach. The anti-shock case protects your phone, while the lightweight adjustable cord keeps your hands free (and means you'll never drop your phone again!). 

The cord is adjustable up to 150 cm, so our case can be worn as a crossbody phone case or necklace-style, like a lanyard.

  • 👉HANDS FREE: Mobile phone lanyard case with neck strap for Apple iPhone. Perfect to have your hands free while doing other things.
  • 👉Adjustable strap: The high quality PPM cord, 150cm long, strong and resistant to water damage, lightweight and durable.
  • 👉Elegant Brass: high-quality brass accents with a smooth finish
  • 👉Detail: Anti-shock stable case TPUX
  • 👉 Available in a range of colors!

  • Cord: PPM
  • Case: Anti-shock TPUX®
  • Hardware: Brass