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Anti Eye Strain Privacy Tempered Glass for iPhone (50% OFF Ends Soon)


Combat Digital Eye Strain and Protect Privacy From Daily Use!

How many hours of the day are spent on your phone? Staring at your screen for several hours of the day leads to blurred vision, strained eyes, and long term problems like nearsightedness. Don't worry, not only do you put an immediate end to all this but also protect your privacy and delicate phone with IPrivacypro™!

Stop Blue Light From Damaging Eyesight -Smartphones blue light has been proven to negatively affect vision and disrupt our circadian rhythm. Anti Blue Light and UV Rays Filter, blocks about 30% of the blue light to minimize Digital Eye Strain caused by harmful blue and UV light emitted from digital screens, to promote healthy melatonin levels for improved sleep.

Leave Unwanted Eyes In The Dark-Nano louver optical technology enables use of mobile devices in public without compromising what’s displayed to the people around you.

✔ Turn Your Delicate Phone Screen Indestructible-Packed with 7 - layers of protection to shield from scratches, impacts, dust, fingerprints, dirt, and your Ex.

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✔ Reduces Glare For The Best Viewing Experience- Nano-Etching technology removes glare by 55% and reduces reflection by 65% providing a more comfortable viewing experience by limiting eye damage caused by reflection and glare, and by relieving eye muscle fatigue, dry eyes, blurred vision and other symptoms. 

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Package includes: 

1x IPrivacypro™ Screen Protector

1x Dry Cleaning Cloth

1x Wet Alcohol Swap

1x Dust Remove Sticker