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Trendise™ - Anti Blue Ray Computer & Gaming Glasses

Frame Color
Bright Black

Trendise™ Glasses are the perfect combination of health, comfort, and style. Designed to be lightweight and in ideal harmony with your eyes, face, and digital device. Blocking over 95% of the most harmful types of blue light and providing you with a sharper, clearer vision helping our body and eyes keep its natural schedule.

Harmful blue light from digital devices can strain your eyes, cause headaches and disturb your performance. Our eyes are not prepared for the overexposure we are suffering these days... 


  • Dry eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Eyestrain
  • Eye fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Dizziness
  • Double vision
  • The reduction of melatonin production (causing the inability to fall asleep)
  • The difficulty of refocusing the eyes

It all ends now. 

Comforly™ glasses remove dark light rays and enhance bright ones. You see, blue light has shorter wavelengths making it scatter easier than other colors. By result, focusing becomes a lot more difficult. Filtering these blasts of wavelengths can help improve your vision's sharpness and depth perception.

study done at John Carroll University found that participants that wore blue light blocking glasses, saw an improvement in their sleep.

Built with a wide frame, wide lenses and sleek construction you can wear them with most headphones. When you wear your new glasses, the filter immediately deflects the blue light from your screen. Go ahead and experience the relief yourself.


Question: Who are these glasses for?

Answer: These glasses are for:

  • Anyone who sits in front of a computer all day
  • Anyone who games at night and has trouble sleeping
  • Anyone that suffers from eye strain and eye irritation from looking at a screen for too long
  • Anyone who plays video games everyday or competitively
  • Anyone who works in an office
  • Anyone looking to enhance the contrast and depth perception in their games

Question: Do I need a prescription for these?

Answer: Nope! These glasses are not prescription glasses, they are for anyone. We've only designed them to block out blue light and enhance visual contrast.

Comforly™ glasses are not available in stores.